The Game is getting faster and you’ll need to match the pace.

Power Skating

Power skating will help you get there.

What is Power Skating?

Power skating is technical skating that will focus on developing both power and speed in straight lines and small areas. You can expect to learn how to skate more efficiently, explosively, powerfully, while developing stability and quickness on your edges.

At the root of every great power skating program is proper form. In order to become a faster, more powerful skater, it’s most important to first emphasize form. You’ll need to have the correct biomechanics in order to progress as a skater throughout your hockey career and our power skating coaches will ensure you’re creating those good habits that will translate to a more fluid, faster skater as you grow.

Some of the key techniques you’ll see in a power skating program are preparing and skating in the hockey-ready position, ensuring a deep bend, focusing on effective use of edges and holding a full C-cut.

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