Summer Off Ice Training Program

Start your off ice training program June 8th, with Fusion Athletics. Located at 2478 Sackville Drive.

Program Details:
We will be following strict protocol with guidelines from the government to properly operate our facilities in a safe environment. Details TBD.

Option 1 - All In Person Training

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  • 5 days a week at Weir Field, 3 sessions on the turf field and 2 sessions in the gym (50 sessions total)
  • $750.00 taxes included for e-transfer

Option 2 - In Person/Online Training Mix

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  • 3 days a week at Weir Field and 2 online sessions (50 sessions total)
  • $550.00 taxes included for e-transfer

Option 3 - All Online Training

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  • 5 days a week online only (50 sessions total)
  • $250.00 taxes included for e-transfer


  • 8 players max per group
  • smaller group can be requested and price will change accordingly
  • groups will be determined by birth year
  • groupings can be requested to help with carpooling


  • June 8th - August 14th (10 weeks)
  • 5 sessions per week (50 total)
  • Monday to Friday


Our instructors have been with us the past two years and have done a tremendous job with our athletes. Each instructor has been trained properly to execute our hockey specific program. Each instructor has played or is playing a very high level of hockey, including QMJHL, BCHL, University and Pro hockey. We know what it takes to make it to the next level and feel we have the tools and experience to help your player achieve his/her goal, if they are willing to put in the work and sacrifice.

We focus on the small details and proper form to ensure optimal performance and injury prevention. We take pride in going above and beyond for our athletes, following them throughout the year, checking in, providing meal plans, providing at home programs, video coaching, mental performance advice, anything they need we are there to help. Our mission is to provide more than a work out, we’re offering a complete package to deliver personal growth not just as an athlete but as a human being.

Head Instructor - Andrew Wigginton
Conner Welsh - Dalhousie Tigers
Campbell Pickard - Dalhousie Tigers
Alex Macdonald - RMC Paladins


  • previously WTT Hockey Training is now Fusion Athletics and is operating under Fusion Hockey Inc.
  • payments can be made to and credit card is accepted with a 4% fee
  • we will continue to keep our prices very low compared to competitors as we understand how expensive hockey is
  • there will be no pay per session rate this year, we are only offering full program commitments
  • payment plans are accepted
  • see below for options and prices