About Us

Fusion Hockey was established in 2012, with a shared vision to create COMPLETE hockey players, on and off the ice. Today’s elite hockey players embrace the lifestyle. They practice hard on the ice, they train hard off the ice, they learn systems and how to think the game, they choose a healthy diet to fuel their bodies, they develop leadership qualities and life skills. Fusion Hockey provides the environment for young athletes to develop into elite hockey players and more importantly into great people.

Our staff is carefully selected, possessing a strong hockey background, an extreme passion for the game, attention to small detail and dedication to developing our youth into great athletes and even better people.

At the heart of Fusion Hockey is our summer program. The summer program provides two key components of player development, the competitive fire in a fun environment. The competitive fire is driven by the quest for the camp cup, a best of 7 series between the two teams at each level. The overall cup title places players of all ages on the same “Team”, keeping players engaged in the results of age groups other than their own. This drives players to work hard in practice on Tuesdays and prepare themselves for games on Thursdays. The fun is provided by the instructors, the team attitude and of course, the players!